Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  The basic areas of concern of the Board of Trustees are the proper maintenance of  church property, the representation of the Congregation in all legal matters, and the general protection of the Congregation against loss and damage.

  The Board of Trustees is entrusted to see to the proper keeping of God’s house as a way to honor God and to facilitate the ministry of the church.   The primary purpose of the church building and facilities is to enable the vision and mission of the congregation. The goal of the trustees is to provide a physical plant that is well groomed and attractive so as to make it more welcoming, safe and hospitable.



Four trustees are elected for two-year terms – 2 elected annually.   Trustee terms and their area of responsibility are as follows:


                 Trustee                                         Term                            Responsibility


           Bob Johansen                             2014 - 2016                       Electrical/Lighting/Plumbing

           Ron Mabrey                                2015 - 2017                       Bids, Documents, etc.

           Bonnie Rich                                2015 - 2017                       Garden/Trail/Keys

           Ron Rode, Chair                        2014 - 2016                       Heating/Cooling/Custodial


Van Steward: Bob Compton            



We invite you to email us at with your concerns regarding our duties and responsibilities. We also invite interested volunteers who would like to assist with work projects to contact the Church office or a trustee. Also watch for occasional announcements in the Tidings for date and time of upcoming work days at church, which may include items like painting, furniture repair, tile work, changing light bulbs, outside maintenance, simple repairs, etc.


The Board of Trustees meet on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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