Community Gardens

  Beginning in the spring of 2008 Bethlehem and community members began tilling and working the soil for two gardens!  In 2009 we received a grant from the Valparaiso Project for this practice of hospitality.

  We started with the "Bethlehem Star Garden" in front of our church.  It is a beautiful area withBethlehemtrail2011             Bethlehem Trail Watercolor                 by: Dr. Richard Luehrman seating to enjoy the herbs planted there; lavender, lemon balm, feverfew, horehound, thyme and bedstraw.

  Our next step was the Community Vegetable Garden where we grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce, squash and other vegetables.  When the produce is harvested it is given to those who need it, including fresh produce for the Warrensburg Food Center.

  In the Spring of 2010 we began work on the Nature Trail. The trail wanders through the wooded area behind our church.  There are benches for those who just want to sit, stones that are etched with sayings for reflection located along the trail, and signs that were created by Pr. Aaron Boerst (who was our Vicar 2011-2012). We have bridges that span small streams and marshy areas which were built by Ron Rode and volunteers from UCM.

  In the Spring of 2012, with the help of Shawn Lindley and a gift from Homes for Heroes, we planted fruit trees (many given in memory of a loved one) and berry bushes to round out the diets of those in the community.

  On April 28th, 2013, we started a wonderful new garden in memory of Andy Droege. The half-moon garden, located out front, has a wonderful stone bird bath surrounded by roses, thyme, and lavender, with spring bulbs to be planted this fall. On the same day grapes were planted in the back near the vegetable garden.


Then God Said "Let the land produce vegetation: seed bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed it it, according to their various kinds." And it was so.  Genesis 1:11 


Bethlehem has projects going on all year long in at least one of the garden's or trail, if you would like to help, please email Barbara Chasar at


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